JCConf 2017 – Next Generation of Cloud Computing: Edge Computing and Apache Edgent 簡報


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Cloud computing has been developed more than one decade and still keeps growing and growing. At the present time when we enjoy the huge benefits it brings to us, we are also aware of its deficiency that we have to enhance, especially for applications running against IoT. This session is to present the next generation of cloud computing: Edge Computing. We will introduce you what Edge Computing is, why we need it, and how it works with current cloud computing services. Furthermore, when we get involved into edge computing, we need a tool to help us to analysis real-time and continuous data streams generated by devices, equipment and systems on IoT. Therefore we will also present Apache Edgent, a programming model and micro-kernel style run-time, and show you how it works in conjunction with centralized analytic systems and provides efficient and timely analytic across the whole IoT ecosystem.

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