JCConf 2016 – Cloud Computing Applications – Hazelcast, Spark and Ignite 投影片

活動頁面:JCConf 2016

This session aims to establish applications running against distributed and scalable system, or as we know cloud computing system. We will introduce you not only briefing of Hazelcast but also deeper kernel of it, and how it works with Spark, the most famous Map-reduce library. Furthermore, we will introduce another in-memory cache called Apache Ignite and compare it with Hazelcast to see what’s the difference between them. In the end, we will give a demonstration showing how Hazelcast and Spark work together well to form a cloud-base service which is distributed, flexible, reliable, available, scalable and stable. You can find demo code here: https://github.com/CyberJos/jcconf2016-hazelcast-spark


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